Friday, July 26, 2013

Another boutique newcomer

One of the larger rooms at Villa Nane
Almost every villa in BKK1 is being converted into a boutique hotel, or so it seems. Another new entrant into the boutique scene is Villa Nane, a few doors up from Cafe Fresco yet I didn't even notice it until today. It's been open a month. So I had to poke my nose in and have a sniff around and it turned out to be a very pleasant, cosy place. The rooms are polished without being flashy, the ones at the front have a view onto the intimate swimming pool (travel speak for small) and there are some nice touches throughout by the owners, such as the designer bannisters (who else would notice the bannisters?). There's also a cafe on the premises, as if BKK1 hasn't enough cafes already. Anyways, welcome to Villa Nane amongst the plethora of villa this and villa that which already outnumber private homes in the area.
A view onto the intimate swimming pool at Villa Nane

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