Friday, July 19, 2013

3rd place finish

The game that both teams didn't really want, because it meant you'd been beaten in the semi-finals, but Phnom Penh Crown came through the 3rd Place C-League play-off this afternoon with a 1-nil win, thanks to a penalty won and converted by our Flying Dutchman Elroy van der Hooft. Thirteen goals in 9 matches and the find of the season for coach Sam Schweingruber. It took extra time to sort out a winner with Crown doing most of the donkey work and BBU sitting back and concentrating on defending, which they do pretty well. For Elroy, it looks like he will be off to seek new pastures after a bit of sun on the beach, much to the disappointment of the club's fans after making such a positive impression. But his lay-over in Phnom Penh was always going to be a short one and we wish him the very best. Short but sweet is how I'd term it. The Academy boys left for Malaysia today, they meet Frenz tomorrow night with the game live on streaming internet.



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