Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WA and GOT in 1 evening

Inside the packed-out Flicks movie house for the finale of Season 3 of GOT

Okay, so last week's blood and gore slaughter-house was more like the Game of Thrones we've come to expect. Last night's finale of Season 3 was a damp squib by comparison but sets us up for Season 4 with all the main characters making an appearance at some stage. Thank goodness they didn't let us look inside the box at Theon's missing member. The Flicks was packed out for last night's two sittings. The series has got progressively more popular. You may recall I was forced to visit the Flicks for my weekly fix after HBO was rudely removed from my TV by my cable company. Bar-stewards.
My early evening was spent at La Rose hotel and a cocktail party thrown by Wildlife Alliance for travel agents. WA have moved squarely into the travel product field, having already been heavily involved in the Chiphat eco-tourism project for a few years and now they are launching their own Southern Cardamoms Experience with 4 or 6 days, involving Phnom Tamao Rescue Center followed by a helicopter trip to the Koh Kong region, visiting a Ranger Patrol Station, a remote burial jars site, Chiphat, sustainable village projects, Stung Proat and lots more. It will certainly appeal to some with its diversity but it ain't cheap as you might expect with helicopters in the program. The Cardamoms is one of the last remaining jewels that hosts opportunities to see a totally different Cambodia to the temples of Angkor and trips like these will encourage visitors to stay longer in-country.
Suwanna Gauntlett, founder of Wildlife Alliance, introducing the new Southern Cardamoms Experience

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