Thursday, June 13, 2013

The last shoot

The film's genocide memorial at Tonle Bati
Filming for the movie, The Last Reel will officially end tomorrow. A film entirely shot in Cambodia, about Cambodians and directed by Kulikar Sotho, one of the rare breed of Khmer female directors. Today they were finishing some scenes in Tonle Bati, outside of Phnom Penh, involving a genocide memorial stupa, that the film's art department erected from scratch and aged it to look like an original. They filled it with fake skulls and bones and arranged for some monks to bless its contents, as you can see in this picture from the set. As I've visited many of these genocide memorials around the country, I was asked a few months ago to furnish the art department with as many examples of such stupas as I could. And that's about the extent of my contribution to the film.

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