Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poster girl

Mary Neth, actress and commercial model
Spent the night in Changi Airport, got a couple of hours of shut-eye but trying to sleep in an airport is never comfortable. Got into Phnom Penh, with a brief stopover in Siem Reap, around mid-day, with this poster girl welcoming everyone at the airport. None other than Mary Neth, the star of The Last Reel, which is currently being edited by director Kulikar Sotho and her film editor. Mary Neth was selected for the film's main character after a selection process, having already made a good impression on audiences on local television shows, and obviously in this CellCard advert.
Horns blaring and ear-piercing loudspeakers brought me onto the balcony at work this afternoon, as a cavalcade of trucks, cars and motorbikes made their way nosily up St 310. Its day 1 of the electioneering process before next month's general elections. This was the Cambodia National Rescue Party, the main opposition party to the incumbent Cambodian People's Party, and even though they stand zero chance of winning, they were enthusiastic enough, repeatedly shouting "7" their party number on the ballot form at the July 28 election day.
One of the CNRP trucks filled to brimming with supporters

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