Saturday, June 1, 2013


Sopheak Chamroeun on stage
Sopheak Chamroeun (standing) sings about love, on stage with Krom at the Doors tonight. Both Sopheak and her sister Sophea are the multi-talented vocalists for the band, with Sophea also co-writing most of the songs with guitarist-singer Chris Minko. They played two sets with beautiful haunting vocals much in evidence throughout, on both up-tempo and more melancholic numbers. Both wore shimmering outfits and sparkle, despite the acute sadness of a couple of songs that deal with the seedier side of life in Asia. Krom certainly aren't afraid to tackle subjects most songwriter's would run a mile from. Minko, with his gruff lead vocals, and Jimmi B complete the four-piece line-up and the band will have a new album out anytime soon, called Neon Dark. To celebrate, perhaps Krom will find an alternative venue to carry their music to a wider audience. They deserve it.
The full complement of Krom - courtesy of Anya Minko

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