Saturday, June 29, 2013

Healthy eating, not

Who ate all the pies? The fat bastard in red. Picture by Sovanna Kem
There have been dozens of very unflattering pictures of me over the decades but this surely counts as one of the worst. Snapped when I wasn't looking by photographer Sovanna Kem, who is a great sports snapper but can be a bit naughty and catch you when you are least prepared, I was devouring a burger before the football started at the Olympic Stadium today. One thing you don't see on the picture, is that I put the half-eaten burger down for what must've been less than a minute and it was surrounded by a frenzy of tiny black ants, who must have the nose of an elephant to have sussed out food was in their vicinity. It was quite stunning in its own small way. Nature in its search for food. Seeing this picture has reminded me what a fat bastard I'm becoming. And bloody burgers are not helping my waistline any. Time for action.

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