Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Free Fever

A large crowd enjoyed the show at Koh Pich
A large crowd enjoyed the cool air and the free concert at Koh Pich tonight, courtesy of American rockers Dengue Fever and the Memory! heritage film festival. Dengue Fever always try to put on a free performance for the masses during their trips to Cambodia and tonight was no exception. Lead singer Chhom Nimol's voice sounded a bit croaky to start with but got much better as the show progressed and the mix of a Khmer and expat audience always brings out the best in the band. With Nimol singing in Khmer for most of their songs, the Khmers are obviously well catered for and the band have always been big favourites of the expat community here too. Especially if the gig is a freebie. They have one more gig in Phnom Penh, at Pontoon on Saturday night, before they head back home. Two big screens either side of the stage tonight reeled off montages from old Khmer films as the concert progressed, just to add a different flavour to proceedings. And fortunately, the rain didn't return to spoil the show.
A sassy moment from Chhom Nimol
A call and response from the stage to the audience

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