Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Dili via Bali is the suggested route for my East Timor trip, previously postponed and now re-scheduled for this coming Sunday thru til Wednesday. I'll believe it when I'm actually on the planes, three of them, via Bangkok and Bali (with an overnight stop on the Aussie-infested beach strip). Leave PP early Sunday, arrive in Dili, mid-day Monday. Play the game - I don't play, I will watch the Phnom Penh Crown Academy against the Timor Leste U15s in the Asean U-15 cup - on Tuesday and then spend Wednesday retracing our steps home. If we do go, it promises to be an experience of a lifetime, with most of Dili likely to be out in force to watch the game.

In the meantime, tomorrow night (7.30pm) will see the launch of Bruno Bruguier's latest tome, 600+ pages on the Temples of Northern Cambodia, in French. Grrr. The book launch will be at the French Cultural Center, where-else, and I might wear my beret and striped shirt just to get into the swing of things. I will also wear a peg on my nose to avoid the stench of onions/garlic and practice my haw he haw he haw. Immature joking aside, Bruno is a wonderful resource on Cambodia's temple heritage and should be viewed as a national treasure (albeit he's French) for the work he's been doing for so many years. Now if only he could get his books published in English...

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