Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dili beckons

There was a real chance I might be heading off to East Timor/Timor Leste for the weekend. Not the usual getaway destination from Cambodia I must admit but there's a jolly good reason for heading to Dili, the capital. The Phnom Penh Crown Academy boys will be playing against the local U-15 national team in the new U-15 Asean Championship and its not every day you get free board, lodging and passage to a destination that's not on many people's holiday tick-list. My passport has just arrived back after being renewed so the opportunity to join the team party as an accredited club official came up and I jumped at it. We haven't got our flights sorted yet but if all goes well, we'll fly out Thursday, via Singapore and return Sunday. The match will be in the national stadium on Saturday afternoon and it's an historic moment, as no other Cambodian team has ever ventured over to East Timor for football or any sport for that matter. The boys will be international trend-setters. I also reckon the stadium will be over-flowing with football-mad Timorese. Fingers crossed, there are no hiccups and I'll be walking the streets of Dili sometime soon. The downside is that I miss the senior team's crunch league game against Boeung Ket, and I just love watching us sticking it to the league champions.
Update: As usually happens with these things, suitable return flights were impossible to get sorted, so the trip to Dili has been postponed. Why am I not surprised?

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