Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bruno's own launch

At least I knew what the slides were telling me
Got my hands on a copy of Bruno Bruguier's Temples of the Northern Provinces (of Cambodia) after his presentation at the French Cultural Center tonight. In the end Bruno had to publish it himself as he sadly didn't get any independent financial assistance, despite knocking on a few doors. Such a shame as his books are required reading for anyone interested in the temple heritage of Cambodia - well, they are if you can read French. Which I don't. So I look at the pictures and maps and get a feel for it. It was pretty much the same at the presentation. Bruno spoke in French and there was supposed to be a simultaneous translation into Khmer and English. It happened to a degree but the English translation was so poor and the sound quality so fuzzy that I turned my headphones off. And sat through an hour of not understanding about 95% of what was said. Luckily I've been to many of the temples in the book, so at least I have my own memories to fall back on. I doubt many others, aside from Bruno of course, can say the same. Also good to see Christiano from Kompong Thom at the presentation. He's as big a temple nut as I am. The book costs $28 from Carnets d'Asie bookshop.
Bruno signs one of his books for an admirer

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