Sunday, May 5, 2013

Time for action

Sometimes it takes a different view to see what's really happening
Okay, this confirms it. I must urgently start exercising and losing what is rapidly becoming an old man's bulging stomach. I must also look at what food I'm eating and cut out the stuff that simply adds to my waistline. I need an expert to advise me. Lidwina has promised me a list of exercises and diet requirements. Presumably a curry every third day doesn't help, washing down with a bottle of coke. The photo was taken by CNC reporter Sok Pheary (when I wasn't looking I might add) but I thank her for bringing home the reality of my bulging midriff. It's not a pretty sight. Action is definitely required and pronto. The picture below, by Sovanna Kem, sums up the day really, after Crown lost by a single goal to BBU. My red face is courtesy of standing in the sun all morning, watching the development league matches and the Crown Academy.
Looking thoroughly depressed after we lost 1-0 today. Pic: Sovanna Kem.

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