Thursday, May 9, 2013

Talented comics

Silky wears his guitar stand for effect
Last night's Comedy Club outing at Pontoon was a winner. Cheeky-chappie Silky from Liverpool is an extremely talented stand-up comedian, who wowed the audience with his repartee and guitar-strumming skills, having already befriended most of them over the course of his opening act. Neat trick, get them on your side. It definitely worked for Silky. They loved his banter. My favourite was his facial impression of Edvard Munch's The Scream. But there was lots to enjoy from a comic at the top of his game. Definitely a hit. Last on stage was American Daniel Kinno, who raced through his act as if he had a train to catch. He was polished, skilled, clever and very smart but it lacked the warmth generated by Silky's personal touch. Nevertheless, he is a funny man. Two very talented comedians. Less talented was the annoying scratching DJ we had to endure during the intervals. Two expats also got another five minutes of fame onstage and continue to craft their skill, which in my view requires better timing and better punchlines. Could I do it - not in a million years.
Witty off-the-cuff musical extras from Silky

Daniel Kinno was clever and polished

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