Sunday, May 19, 2013

Success on foreign soil

The PPCFC Academy celebrating success in Singapore earlier today
Great news coming out of Singapore today. Cambodia teams don't do well overseas at sport. It's widely known they don't travel well. So it's a big bonus that the Phnom Penh Crown Academy team taking part in the prestigious Singapore Soccer Sixes, have carried all before them to win the Youth tournament, played on the bowling green surface at the Padang cricket ground. In all, they played 7 games, winning all 7, scoring 25 goals and Now that is how to dominate a tournament. And it was the younger of the Academy boys who went, eight of them, most of them just thirteen years old. Up against teams from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, from a combination of foundation and youth organizations, the Academy triumphed in a competition that they finished 3rd and 2nd in the past two years. Fabulous stuff from the youngsters, winning a cup competition so convincingly on foreign soil. Next week we can expect some more big news coming out of the PPCFC Academy, watch this space.



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