Friday, May 31, 2013

Rocking at FCC

Dengue Fever in a red moment at FCC
Dengue Fever have a massive following in Cambodia and why not. Their music obviously strikes a chord with Cambodians, though few were at tonight's heaving gig at FCC, and the expats who live in-country, who enjoy the rock elements of the band's music, as well as the vocals of Chhom Nimol and the group's easy-going on-stage style. They are back in town, as well as Siem Reap, to return to venues they've filled to bursting point before and know they will get a good reception. It certainly worked at the FCC, where tickets were sold-out way in advance and at $12-a-pop, that says something about the band's pulling-power. Standing at the front as I was, Nimol's voice was drowned out a bit by the intensity of the guitars, so point to remember, stand a bit further back in future. They gave it their all and whizzed through a full set of 18 songs according to their set-list, much to everyone's enjoyment. On Wednesday they will return to Phnom Penh for an open-air, free concert for the masses at Koh Pich, as the guests of the Memory! international heritage film festival, which will be a great opportunity for many more Khmers to enjoy their sounds.
The evening's set-list for Dengue Fever

A rose between two thorns as Chhom Nimol is flanked by Senon Williams and Zac Holtzman

The imposing figure of bassist Senon Williams

Chhom Nimol is well-known inside Cambodia and is always happy to return

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