Monday, May 20, 2013

Re-entering the atmosphere

The Cambodian Space Project have just announced a bunch of dates in Phnom Penh during the month of June. You can catch them, before they disappear overseas again no doubt, at the following venues/dates:
The Village, Friday 14 June.
Equinox, Saturday 15 June.
IFEX Festival, Gasoline, Thursday 20 June.
FCC, Saturday 22 June.
So 4 Phnom Penh gigs in 9 days, there is no excuse for anyone to miss them, is there?

Change of plan for Krom, who will now perform at Doors (Hotel Cara, near Wat Phnom) on Saturday 1 June, instead of the scheduled 8 June. Same time, 9pm, same price, free. Absolute bargain.

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