Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Projects that make a difference

Unsung Heroes - book launch next Tuesday
Book launch time at Monument Books on Norodom Boulevard next Tuesday (4 June) at 6.30pm as they unveil a soft cover book, Unsung Heroes: Cambodia - People and projects making a difference. Two of the three authors will be present, namely Lee Anderson and Kerryan Griffin, with Shawna Hartley also named on the front cover. It's a collection of short stories on NGO projects in Cambodia and their founders, such as Cambodian Living Arts and Arn Chorn-Pond, sprinkled with a variety of other Cambodian information. Numerous photographs adorn the book as well as traveller and volunteering tips amongst other snippets. The book will raise money for the projects it covers within its pages. Thanks to William at Monument who has sent me a press copy of the updated Strongman, The Extraordinary Life of Hun Sen, by Harish and Julie Mehta, which includes six new chapters, new interviews and revelations from declassified CIA files, amongst other add-ons. 400 pages, which should keep me occupied for a few days. I thought reading it might get me in election mode, which is happening here in late July.

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