Friday, May 3, 2013

Panh's Missing Picture

A scene from Rithy's Panh's The Missing Picture
Rithy Panh was already the subject of one post this week. And now he features in another. On 19 May his latest film, a 90-minute documentary, The Missing Picture, will be shown for the first time, in competition, at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France. Panh, Phnom Penh-born who escaped to safety in Thailand and then onto France after losing his family under the Khmer Rouge, is undoubtedly Cambodia's best known film director. Cannes in particular, holds a special affection for him. In 1994 he debuted Rice People there, in 1998 One Evening After The War, in 2003 his S-21 carried off a top prize and in 2005 The Burnt Theatre was shown for the first time. In his latest offering, The Missing Picture, he pieces together his adolescence in a Khmer Rouge labour camp, through archives and reenactments using small clay figurines. With Randal Douc providing the voice-over and Sarith Mang the sculptor responsible for the clay statuettes, it promises to be a remarkable way of documenting his own story.

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