Friday, May 10, 2013

Lost visionary

A camera crew film RNA in action at Meta House
Decisions, decisions. There were two reggae gigs tonight, Dub Addiction's new CD release party at the Village or RNA's tribute to the late, great Bob Marley at Meta House. I chose the latter. Not one of my best decisions. Having been a keen Marley fan since the mid-70s, I was hoping for something similar or recognizable. It didn't quite happen. RNA have their heart in the right place but though I heard the words to Redemption Song, Buffalo Soldier, I Shot The Sheriff and others, I didn't hear much of the familiar reggae one-drop beat. They did it in their own style, and why not, but it wasn't to my liking. However, I loved the sentiment, paying tribute to one of the most remarkable musicians ever to grace this planet and someone who shaped my own love of music from an early age. His passing, 32 years ago tomorrow, was the loss of a visionary.

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