Thursday, May 30, 2013

Forever searching

A new book just published is a personal history from the Khmer Rouge time and beyond. Shoulders to Freedom: A Cambodian Diaspora Memoir is written by Mai Bunla, who was born into an ethnic Lao (Nyaw) family in Cambodia. Her memoir is about escaping the Khmer Rouge regime, beginning a new life in the United States, and finding herself along the way. Central to the events that befell Bunla’s family is the tragic capture of her oldest brother, Ai Sang Thout, on whose shoulders she was carried to freedom across the border to Thailand during the escape from the Cambodian genocide. After the Khmer Rouge took her brother, Bunla’s family cut their losses and moved forward. However, Bunla learned that moving forward was not an easy path. Twenty-one years after leaving Cambodia, Bunla finally returned to Asia to begin the search for her lost brother (who is pictured on the book cover). She's a co-founder of The Nyaw Project, a forum in which the Nyaw people come together and share all things related to the Nyaw ethnic.

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