Sunday, May 12, 2013

Academy face-off

I covered my face in sun block this morning as I went to watch the Crown Academy youngsters, mostly 15 years old, take on the squad members of the Crown first-team. Last weekend I watched football and forgot my sun block. I spent the rest of the week covering my face in moisturizer and picking the flaking skin off my forehead and nose. After six years in-country, my skin still can't cope with the scorching sun here. Anyway, back to the footy. The Academy haven't played against the first-team before so this was an new experience. In most games the Academy are too strong for their opponents, being the best of their age group in the whole country. And in the first-half they showed why, controlling the ball, giving the first-team players the run around and leading 1-nil. They made changes and paid the price after the break. The first-team recovered their composure and ran out 3-1 winners, but they got a big fright. The Academy will soon be taking part in a major new youth competition stretching far and wide. Can't announce the details just yet but it will be a fabulous experience for them, that's for sure. The boys have been together now since February 2011, after Crown searched for the best twenty-two boys aged 13 and under, across the country. Since then, they have lived and breathed football together at their RSN home and carried all before them. The next step in their football development is just around the corner and it's going to be big.



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