Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sraung Preah

Tan Sotho receives a bowlful of perfumed water from her grandson Julian
Yesterday we had deer-hunting in the office by the children from the orphanage, who pop by every year to act out the traditional Robam Trot ceremony, chasing away the bad luck and bringing in the new. This morning, it was the turn of another classic Khmer New Year ceremony, Sraung Preah, at the home of Tan Sotho and her husband. This is an opportunity for children and grandchildren to honour their parents and grandparents by splashing perfumed water onto them, for what they hope will be happiness, longevity and good advice in return. At the same time the family also purified the Buddha statues with the same water, in another display of Buddhist merit-making.
This time the granddaughter Belle makes sure grandad gets his share



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