Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Palazzo Interior by Thomas-Pierre, on sale for $1600
Popped into Meta House tonight for a 30-minute film on Preah Vihear and some overly long explanations of the government's position regarding the temple and the recent Court of Justice hearings from the ministerial spokesman Phay Siphan. Don't expect a judgement on the land in question until Oct/Nov time. Siphan's point was that Cambodia will do nothing to provoke their neighbours and will abide by the ICJ decision, whatever it is. I'm sure Cambodia privately believes they are in a strong position and that the ICJ will come down on their side of the argument. We shall of course see whether that is the case. Thailand have certainly been pushing the edge of the envelope for a few years now after not giving it the time of day before and after the 1962 judgement that handed the temple to Cambodia. There has been lots of drum-banging by nationalists in Thailand, so lets hope when the decision finally does arrive, its accepted in all quarters and we have no re-occurrence of the military madness that plagued the temple before. 
The mixed media on canvas artistry of Thomas-Pierre in the gallery on the ground floor of Meta House was open to viewing beforehand. Some of his works are quite interesting with vibrant colours and unusual compositions, others didn't grab my interest as much. His Perspective exhibition runs until the middle of May.
Perspective by Thomas-Pierre, on sale at Meta House for $1800

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