Saturday, April 20, 2013

Perfect harmonies

Krom on stage at the Doors tonight
The Chamroeun sisters, Sophea and Sopheak, really have lovely voices. They proved that again tonight at the Doors, as Krom delivered a 14-song set to an appreciative audience. Their harmonies are perfect and the haunting quality of their voices offers a unique hook that will take this band far. That's been confirmed when their founder, Chris Minko announced they will take their talents on a European tour next year. In the meantime, a two-album release is on the cards, with Neon Dark as well as a cd of their Khmer-language songs, due out next month. And on Saturday 11 May they will make a return visit to the Doors. One of the songs they played for the first time tonight is from the soundtrack to the documentary film, In Search of Camp 32, which was appropriate, as the focus of the film, Hom Chhorn, was in the audience with his wife.

The evening was very nearly ruined when a drive-by motobike thief tried to snatch Rumnea's iPhone out of her hands as we circled Wat Phnom, a notorious area for thefts. She held onto her prized possession as we fought off the bastards.

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