Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lovely boy

Lovely boy from Kompong Thom
Cute young boy, I think he's three years old, came to football with Rumnea and myself this afternoon. He has the two finger Asian sign of happiness/smile/peace or whatever it is, he also has his left-hand firmly on Rumnea's smartphone, playing the angry birds game. I don't own a smartphone and have never played any computer games one, I wouldn't know where to start. What does that say about me - besides the word dinosaur? He was wearing a van persie arsenal shirt, so at least he was behind the times on that one. Rumnea wasn't sure of his name, so she christened him lovely boy. Later we found out his name is You Hour. He arrived with her mum from Kompong Thom a few hours earlier and is the son of her mum's distant relative. I think he's staying for Khmer new year. That's a week away. Presumably his mum needs a break. When I was three I don't think my mum let me out of her sight. Different times, different culture.



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