Friday, April 12, 2013

In the frame with Red Khmer

Nhem Sokun in Red Khmer
Red Khmer is being filmed in Kampot as I type. It's the follow-up film for director Brendan Moriarty to his war drama The Road to Freedom, which he shot in the same location in mid-2009 before its release in September 2011. TRTF is the fictionalized story of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone, two photojournalists who were covering the American conflict in SEAsia and who disappeared in Cambodia in 1970, captured by the Khmer Rouge. The sequel follows on as Flynn realises he won't make it out alive and passes the evidence of what he's found to a Khmer friend, played by Nhem Sokun, who has to get the story out. Joshua Fredric Smith Flynn and Scott Maguire as Stone also return. Filming is due to wrap up by the middle of this month. Moriarty is also keen to return to Cambodia to make another movie, Mayaguez, based on the 1975 incident involving US Marines and the Khmer Rouge on the island of Koh Tang off the Cambodian coast.

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