Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book shopping

Vann Nath Tribute
Book shopping at Monument Books on Norodom at lunchtime. Purchased the Vann Nath Tribute: Hommage, $28, published by the Friends of Vann Nath. Effectively a catalogue of the exhibition of paintings and photographs held at Bophana Center in January, with a foreword by Rithy Panh. The photo mosaics by Jim Mizerski remain my favourite. They are simply brilliant. Just makes me sad that a human being as quiet and gentle as Vann Nath wasn't given more time on this earth. If anyone deserved a full innings, he did. I also picked up a book on Chum Mey called Survivor: The triumph of an ordinary man in the Khmer Rouge Genocide, published by DC-Cam in September of last year, but which slipped under my radar. $17, its Chum Mey's story, a list of prisoners released from S-21, from where Chum Mey was fortunate enough to get out alive, another list of memoirs and films and a translation of his actual confession, which would've normally signaled your death warrant in Tuol Sleng, but in his case, he was kept alive because he mended a typewriter. If he's not attending the ongoing Khmer Rouge Tribunal, you can usually find Chum Mey at S-21. Last but not least is Sthapatyakam - The Architecture of Cambodia, the third in a series of magazines produced by the university students, following Kon - The Cinema of Cambodia and Dontrey - The Music of Cambodia. It identifies 38 of the key buildings and gives brief details about them. Price, $2.50.
Survivor - Chum Mey's story

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