Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Talking drugs is not big or funny

Compere Andrew Clay from New Zealand
The professional stand-ups on show at tonight's Cambodia Comedy Club at Pontoon gave a masterclass to the pretenders on exactly how hard a job it is to make people laugh. Compere Andrew Clay and top of the bill Marcus Ryan did it very successfully and quite effortlessly. And therein lies the secret, don't try too hard. And blow me down neither used drugs as a major source of their material, which made for a very pleasant change from the norm. Of course, sex was never far from their observations but both were witty and genuinely funny, with Clay holding the show together despite a power outage that made everyone in the room jump. There was nothing to choose between them, they both did a damn fine job of entertaining the mostly expat audience. Meanwhile, the three local expats from Phnom Penh, trying out their material for a second time, clearly have a very long way to go, though thumbs-up to them for standing up and giving it their all. Finally, Luwita Randhawa, on holiday from Malaysia, was another one of the open-mic'ers and I must say, was polished, dry and made me titter. She can certainly come again, as can the likes of Clay and Ryan.
Stand-up comic Marcus Ryan, an Australian living in London



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