Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mum and her 3 boys

Mum and her 3 boys in 1969
Two more snaps from the mum and her three boys photo album. There was no father figure around from the time I was born - okay, it was 1959 if you must know - until just before our mum died when I was thirteen years old. So its very appropriate that these snaps are of mum - Josephine Elizabeth - and us young chaps, Paul, myself and Tim, in that age order. In the top photo, Paul is actually wearing a fluffy white cravat and large ears, whilst I'm sporting my school tie, Christchurch Junior Mixed School. We're outside the front door of our Tennyson Road home in 1969.The picture below was a little later, early 1970, and taken on a visit to my grandparents I reckon. I can't recall the dates but I'm pretty sure they both died soon after this, just a few months apart. I loved those dirty grey trousers I'm wearing and for shoes, cheap plastic sandals were the order of the day. Money was tight. Whoever took the picture deliberately cut off Paul's head because of his ridiculous hairstyle that had grown out of all proportion since his picture a few months earlier, when he was sporting an entirely different hair-do. Me, I was more of a straight fringe kinda guy.
Mum and her 3 boys in early 1970. Mum died two years later.



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