Thursday, March 14, 2013


Me and my moto - a cartoon by Bun Heang Ung - click to enlarge
One of my favourite cartoonists is Cambodian-born Bun Heang Ung, who lives in Australia. I'm biased as he drew the animated banner on my website as well as the above cartoon of me riding a moto. But also because of his incredible story of survival which he tells in the memoir, The Murderous Revolution: Life and Death in Pol Pot's Kampuchea, written with Martin Stuart-Fox, and containing sixty black and white drawings, which are simply brilliant. I recommend the book without a moment's hesitation. Bun Heang Ung is also known for his searingly satirical caricatures and cartoons, which he first produced for the Far Eastern Economic Review and then his own website, Sacrava Toons. In July 2006 he sent me a few cartoons of myself , one of which I've re-posted above.

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