Monday, March 11, 2013

Mary Neth in good company

A poignant screen-shot from the movie trailer to The Last Reel
The Last Reel will combine a nostalgia for the glory days of Cambodian cinema with a rallying call for the re-emergence of the film industry today. The plan is to distribute Kulikar Sotho's feature debut internationally, with showings at major film festivals in Europe, Asia and Australia, and of course, here in Cambodia. But first it has to be filmed and completed. So far a movie trailer has been finished and is being used to generate funding. Filming is scheduled to start next month. October will be the target date to have the film in the can, so to speak. At last week's trailer party, sitting alongside the major name on the cast list, Dy Saveth, was the young woman who will carry the film's story on her delicate shoulders. Ma Darnet, or Mary Neth or Srey Neth as she's known to friends and family, is a 22-year-old actress hailing from Battambang, who was involved in one of the most popular local television series, Airwaves, as the character Chantha, as her training ground for her first major feature film lead. With one of the leading ladies from the Golden Age of Khmer films of the 60s and 70s, Dy Saveth as her mother, and actors like Sok Sithoun on board, who appeared in Two Shadows, then Mary Neth, and her character Sophoun, is already in very good company.
Meeting the lead actress in The Last Reel, Mary Neth

Mary Neth adding her signature to the movie poster

Lead actor Sok Sithoun signing his signature

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