Thursday, March 21, 2013

In the frame

lebOOst snaps Rumnea and me at Pontoon last night - click to enlarge
lebOOst snapper Linda captures the moment at last night's Cambodia Comedy Club with Rumnea and myself. Courtesy of

An old friend, Soumya James has published her doctoral dissertation on the divine feminine in Khmer art in The Symbiosis of Image, Monument and Landscape: A Study of Select Goddess Images at Prasat Kravan, Kbal Spean and Banteay Srei in Camnodia. I remember meeting Soumya many moons ago in the Rising Sun restaurant/bar in Phnom Penh for a chat. She later wrote three articles in my own book, To Cambodia With Love. She was working at the Department of History of Art and Visual Studies at Cornell University, USA. A review of her dissertation can be read

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