Friday, March 1, 2013

Evening party-time

The happy couple, walking the line
Continuing the wedding party theme of today, it was off to the New World restaurant with Rumnea this evening to join the celebrations for Srey Nich and Chanthy. Pretty much standard fare as wedding parties go but instead of going through the motions, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, either on the dancefloor or downing as many bottles of beer as they could muster. Petite Mouyhour was a whirlwind, targeting me as soon as we arrived and then demanding a balloon fight-cum-dance later in the proceedings. At just under four, she has more energy than I ever had. There was a definite buzz to this party, though it was hot on the dancefloor and the madizon seemed to carry on forever. As the only johnny-foreigner there, I stood out like a sore thumb amongst the ranks of the older Khmer ladies who were line-dancing and jiving to their hearts content. Good evening.
Mouyhour stops for a second for a photo

Rumnea looking as sparkling as ever

A left-over snap from this morning's biscuit-carrying exercise



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