Monday, March 18, 2013

Entertain us

Two main events this week, on the entertainment front at least, with the Cambodia Comedy Club expected to fill the air with laughter this Wednesday (20 Mar) at Pontoon as professional stand-up comics, Marcus Ryan (Oz) and Kiwi Andrew Clay, join forces with a bunch of local expat amateurs. It could be the recipe for a lot of fun, or it could go tits-up. I'll be there to witness which way the wind blows. Then on Friday (22 Mar), Equinox on St 278 will host yet another final/last/goodbye/going away party for The Cambodian Space Project, who've had more of these occasions than any one I know. They are off on yet another whizz around the globe so catch them this Friday before they disappear - hopefully not once and for all.

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