Friday, March 1, 2013

Early morning wedding duties

The adorable Mouyhour at this morning's wedding
I was awake as the music started at 6am this morning, to signal the start of today's wedding celebrations for Srey Nich and Chanthy. Rumnea arrived to join in the gift-carrying walk that represents the groom's family bringing gifts to the home of his new wife. We carried trays of biscuits. Then it was time for some porridge inside the tent erected across the street in front of my house, before I left the family and guests and headed for the office. I will rejoin the party later tonight when it moves to the wedding restaurant. Star of the show was definitely the tiny princess Mouyhour, niece of the bride, resident of Battambang and my favourite.
Rumnea gets to carry a tray of biscuits in the procession - as did I

The cameraman adjusts the clothes of the happy couple

Mouyhour with her grandparents and my landlords



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