Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Last One

The front cover of The Last One by Marin Yann
A survivor story by Marin Yann begins when he's five years old and the Khmer Rouge take control of Cambodia. He loses his immediate family but survives before making his way to the USA. Today he works as an advocate for Cambodian-American communities and lives in Long Beach. His book will be out in April and is called The Last One: An Orphaned Child Fights to Survive the Killing Fields of Cambodia. The tale is published by Outskirts Press.

The Cambodian Space Project gig ended in darkness tonight at Equinox as successive power-cuts brought the performance to a premature end. Playing their second gig in as many nights, it all began swimmingly well, albeit a bit later than expected. About four songs in came the first power outage followed by a longer, sustained one after half a dozen songs, at which point I headed for the exit. I'm not sure if they managed to carry on, but they have another couple of gigs this month, so ample opportunity to catch them again soon enough.

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