Thursday, February 28, 2013


Really annoying regular-as-clockwork power cuts in my area of Phnom Penh over the past couple of weeks. Just after 6pm and often lasting until 8pm on the dot. Smells of a deliberate ploy by the electricity people to save/withhold power, but without informing the users. How would they feel if we all withheld paying our bills for a few months by way of tit-for-tat. And this is supposed to be the upper class/toffee-nosed area of the city, BKK1. Friends in less salubrious areas get to keep their power on, all day long. Jammy buggers. However, up in Siem Reap I hear its all gone tits-up on the power front. Apparently, the city has been plunged into darkness by a heavy truck demolishing a number of power pylons and the lights have gone out all over temple-town. And it may take a while to get it back to normal. Estimates of a week have been mentioned. Now that really is something to moan about.
I have to get up bright and early tomorrow with the wedding of my house-owners third daughter, Srey Nich. I'm on fruit-carrying duties, then off to work and will join the party tomorrow night. There's a very large tent blocking the whole street in front of my home right now and countless family members have arrived and are sleeping in every square inch they can find downstairs. Just another day in Phnom Penh.


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