Tuesday, February 5, 2013


LtoR: James Pringle, James Gerrand, Tim Page and Don North
Big crowd. Big let down, is how I would describe the panel discussion at Meta House tonight. Not a patch on the Himawari session in 2010 with Jon Swain, et al. These get togethers of Indochina war correspondents from the late 60s and 70s always arouse intense interest and tonight was no different. Meta House was awash with the old and ancient, myself included, to watch a documentary about cameraman Neil Davis - who everyone agreed was the best thing since sliced bread - and then a discussion that didn't really focus on anything and left me looking at my watch in the hope that it would conclude sooner than later. The correspondents are here for a reunion and/or to cover the final hours of the Sihanouk story and perhaps they should've left it at that. The idea to wheel them onto a stage was well-intentioned but it fell flat from the start and never recovered. The pa was crap, the questions even crappier and I got indigestion from rushing my dinner to be there on time. I shouldn't have bothered.
Roland Neveu, who has published his photos in the Fall of Phnom Penh



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