Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not too late

Jim Mizerski's excellent montage photograph of a young Vann Nath
You have just a few days remaining to visit the Vann Nath Tribute at the Bophana Center on Street 200, as it will close on 12 February. My favourite amongst the artworks on show, were two photographs by Jim Mizerski, containing nearly 3,000 small portrait pictures of the victims from Tuol Sleng to make each large photograph. There were quite a few other artists work represented including Peter Klashorst, Karay, Thomas Pierre, Sou Sophy and Theo Vallier. Take time to visit the exhibition before its too late. Vann Nath is an artist who should not be forgotten.
Vann Nath as he looked on the day of his entry into Tuol Sleng, by Theo Vallier

Vann Nath at work by Thomas Pierre

Jim Mizerski's 2nd photograph montage of Vann Nath in later life

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