Sunday, February 3, 2013

A mark of respect

A deserted section of Veal Mean park even though its surrounded by thousands of people
Earlier this morning at the Veal Mean cremation park. I accompanied the Phnom Penh Crown Academy boys and staff members to pay respects to the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk at his final resting place before tomorrow's cremation ceremony. It's important to keep the youngsters grounded and to give them a sense of history at this momentous time in their own country. Rather surprisingly, the authorities allowed ordinary folk, including a couple of correctly dressed foreigners, to join the thousands shuffling past the King Father's cremation stupa in the scorching sun this morning, passing through a strong security cordon before entering the park and walking from the southern entrance to the northern entrance and out again. All very quick but you could see how much it meant to many of the Cambodians to pay their final respects to their beloved King. There were many tears.
The PPCFC Academy and staff in front of the King Father's cremation stupa

Waiting in line to pay respects to the King Father's final resting place

The east entrance of the King Father's cremation stupa

One final group photo as we made our way from the King Father cremation site

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