Saturday, January 19, 2013

From inside

The dancers on stage - courtesy of Amrita Arts
We saw a different take on contemporary dance at tonight's work-in-progress showing of Horizontal Life at the theater behind Spark nightclub. With the cream of the country's dancers on stage that included Belle, Narim, Leak, Mo, Nan and the narrator, Sopheap, we were treated to their usual boundless energy and professionalism that we've come to expect but also a more touching, personal side with individual commentary from the dancers and the inclusion of their mothers on stage. It was a big departure from the norm and for me it worked pretty well. With an eclectic soundtrack in the background, the performance was the result of a three-week workshop with Korean choreographer Chung Yeun Soo, who wanted to include the dancers own stories. Sopheap and his comedic stilted English commentary was a welcome addition for most in the full house, judging by the laughter it induced, whilst all six performers gave us a display of their talents in abundance.

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