Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Comedy back on track

Headline act Brendhan Lovegrove went down a storm
It has been a while coming, but tonight's Comedy Club Cambodia hit the heights again in the shape of both Jonathan Randall and the headline act, Brendhan Lovegrove. In fact it's been a year since Phil Nichol ruled the roost and Lovegrove was on a par with the best quality stand-up we've seen in Phnom Penh. He literally stormed it. American Randall took to the stage first-up and came across very strongly, in fact a perfect MC with a great routine of his own. He could've easily headlined his own gig, he was that strong. A natural and at ease with the audience. Next up was Fakkah Fuzz, who said he was nervous and it showed in his rapid-fire delivery. Almost as if he wanted to rush off the stage. Nevertheless, he did a solid job though he over-egged the references to life in Singapore for my liking. Lovegrove is from New Zealand, so a few Aussies in the audience were meat and drink to his razor-sharp wit and put downs. His delivery was impeccable, his rapport with the audience immediate and his act was a master-class in milking it for all its worth. This was definitely a top quality performance, to end his own personal tour of the Asian stand-up circuit, and to put some fire into the belly of the Pontoon crowd. He will be welcome back anytime. I was gutted he didn't return for an encore. When someone is this good, you simply want more.
MC Jonathan Randall is a natural, and bloody good

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