Monday, January 21, 2013

A hectic morning

Nice surprise this morning when long-time friend and author Loung Ung popped into the office with her husband Mark before heading to the south coast for some R&R with friends. She was back in the city after a rural wedding party in her home province. We'd not seen each other for a while so it was a quick catch-up including an update on her latest writing venture, a fictional novel, that she's about a third of the way through. Then half an hour later, Adrian and Alexia arrived at reception for a chat about their trip around Cambodia to update the next edition of Fodor's Thailand guidebook with side trips to Cambodia and Laos. Last published in 2007, the next edition should be out in July of this year with an enhanced Cambodia section, which also recommends reading my blog/website before you go. In 2007 they said this: Andy Brouwer (, a longtime traveler to Cambodia, has dedicated a good chunk of his life to informing people about the country. Nice job Fodor's. The office was off-limits at lunchtime today with filming taking place for the love story Om Tuk, which the directors are finishing off before submitting to film festivals in the months ahead. They filmed most of their action in November 2011, when a small film crew arrived from Australia and over 21 days shot 85% of the film. Now it needs completion for a mid-2013 release.

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