Saturday, January 12, 2013

A fine tribute

A painting of Vann Nath from the Tribute exhibition, by the artist Karay
I attended the Vann Nath Tribute at Bophana Center this evening and amongst the artworks on show, I thought the two photographs by Jim Mizerski were brilliant and a fitting tribute to the great man himself, Vann Nath. Jim told me that it took nearly 3,000 small portrait pictures of the victims from Tuol Sleng to make each large photograph. And for me it worked a treat. There were quite a few other artists work represented including Peter Klashorst, Karay, Thomas Pierre, Sou Sophy and Theo Vallier and more. I didn't stay for the formal opening but recommed you poke your head into Bophana as the exhibition runs until 12 February and Vann Nath deserves his place in the spotlight.
Photographer Jim Mizerski and one of his tribute photographs

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