Monday, December 24, 2012

Without permission

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I took this photo of a bunch of happy kids in Wat Stung Meanchey in March 1998 and its been on my website pretty much ever since. So imagine my surprise-then-anger when I opened the Phnom Penh Post today and saw the photograph being used in an advertisement for Kotra, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, who have that ugly glass building next to the Phnom Penh Trade Center. Did they ask my permission to use my copyright photo for commercial purposes? Did they my arse. I'm often asked to allow use of my pictures in school publications and such like and if its not commercial, I willingly agree. But for a bunch of Koreans to break such basic professional ethics and use the photo without asking for my permission (its called theft), which I would've refused point-blank, stinks. And the Phnom Penh Post are party to this foul-smelling misdemeanor. The story is compounded as the advert is showing off Kotra's Corporate Social Responsibility Award - what a joke! I've written to both parties and expect an apology and removal of the photo from the advert. Fat chance. Grrr.
Update: Kotra apologised and agreed to not use the image again. They said they couldn't find the owner of the picture. Bullshit but I accept it. As for the Post, their national sales director told me to shove it unless I had proof it was my picture and that they merely print artwork given to them by clients, so they aren't liable and are simply neutral in the whole matter. What a shower they are. Am I surprised; not in the slightest.
Page 15 of today's Phnom Penh Post

The evidence Your Honour

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