Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top drawer Topaz

A definite tick in the box for Topaz. One of Phnom Penh's better dining establishments has always avoided my radar until tonight when Tim and I were invited for a meal by a close friend. The restaurant oozes class, the lofty prices reflect its fine dining tag, as does its extensive wine list but where it counts, the food, is where Topaz came up trumps. Everything from the fresh bread and my salmon appetizer to my succulent steak was top-drawer. You may pay top whack for the food, but its excellently prepared and tastes as it should - bloody good. Tim had snails, our dining partner had frogs legs, and they gave the thumbs up too. And its deserved reputation was rewarded with a full dining room of customers. Oh, and the service was spot-on too. Hats off to Topaz. I may not be back until I've saved a few more riel in my piggy-bank but if money is no object, I recommend it without hesitation.

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