Monday, December 3, 2012

Red Wedding

A scene from Red Wedding
Breaking the silence of forced marriage under the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, which affected as many as 250,000 women who were forced to marry against their will, is the subject of Lida Chan and Guillaume Suon's film Red Wedding, which was released in 2011. The film looks at the emotional roller-coaster faced by Sochan Pen, then a sixteen year old, who was raped by her new KR cadre husband. The film has just won an award for the best documentary at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, which comes with a cash prize and incentives. Another film to be rewarded for its excellent quality is Kalyanee Mam’s documentary, A River Changes Course, which will have its world premiere in January at the US-based Sundance Film Festival in Utah in the World Documentary category. The film addresses the issue of land rights and follows the story of three Cambodians affected by this countrywide hot topic.

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