Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nara gets the nod

I know, I know, its football again, but at least one of the nice guys has been recognised for his efforts. Prak Sovannara is one of the best coaches in Cambodia, and a gentleman. So its a positive move that he's been handed the task of revitalizing Cambodian football with the national team head coach hot-seat. The football federation, as is their wont, have given him two months and a bit to whip a team into shape to play in the AFC Challenge Cup in Philippines, which is obviously a mission impossible. Especially as the domestic Cambodian football season starts in a week or two and it has a choc-a-block early season programme with cup and league matches. But then again, the federation don't worry about small trifles like that. He's got the job for a year, so will be in charge for the SEA Games at the end of 2013. It's not his first stint in charge of the team either, as he did the job for a year in 2008. I wish him luck, he'll need bags of it.

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