Friday, December 28, 2012

Luk Luk-ing

The Luk Luk expeditionary force: me, Rumnea and Tim (in blue)
Continuing our eating extravaganza, Tim joined myself and Rumnea tonight at Luk Luk for his first taste of suki soup, with Rumnea in charge of the soup-making process and Tim and me mainly responsible for the eating part of it. Luk Luk is the highly popular street restaurant owned by friends of mine, who have done so well in the few months that its been up and running, that they will soon open the doors of a new branch in Tuol Kork. Quality food at the right price seems to be a winning formula for Tima and Sam and their team including the legendary Auntie Vourch. She will even have her To Cambodia With Love-famous chicken curry on the menu at their new location. Now that will definitely be worth the trek to get there. Tim fell in love with her homemade soya and sesame sauce and took a bottle home with him, but kicked himself when he realised he'd left it with the motodop, who had disappeared into the night. Not to worry, we have a good excuse to return sometime soon.
Rumnea and myself just about to be hit by the fumes from the suzi soup

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