Sunday, December 16, 2012

In the soup

The soup was really hot!
This evening I made my first return visit to the Luk Luk BBQ restaurant, on Street 118 near Samaki market, since July. The restaurant is owned and run by long-time friends of mine, who I've known for a decade and more. Luk Luk is their latest venture, they're already running a restaurant in Prek Leap and the Silver River Hotel in town. Tonight, Luk Luk was literally bursting at the seams. They've added a lot more tables and at this rate they'll be looking for bigger premises soon enough. The lady behind the food preparation is none other than Auntie Vourch, who gets her own meritorious mention in my To Cambodia With Love guidebook for her magnificent Khmer chicken curry. My other friends, Sam and Tima, were both there, busy as bees as a non-stop procession of people filled the tables. When my brother Tim arrives in town on Christmas Day, I'll make sure to take him along to enjoy the suki-soup option at Luk Luk. He's not been here for a while, so I'm sure there'll be a lot of late nights in store for us both.



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